Alright me and Mariaah haven't figured out who the interview will be yet. To me it can be anyone since I interviewed people. You can have any character you have made to be the interviewer. It shouldn't be the character that's already on the show. I told Mariah that maybe the interviewer should be also an intern who joins the show later like around the merge or something. Just make a audition for the character. It can be them interviewing people, Chris interviewing them, or anything else. Me and Mariaah will chose the best person to be this. If we can't decide we might have to make some of the other good characters as just interns but not contestants. Also sorry Mariah if you didn't want me to put this I just thought it would be a good idea since we haven't figured it out yet. BEST SIGNATURE EVER! 16:44, August 30, 2011 (UTC)

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