Sky Hooked
Season 1, Episode 4
Challenge(s) TBA
Winner(s) Fierce Arachnid


The Jungle

Alex M. & Russel

Alex M. & Johnney, Russel & Erick

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"Sawed Off"


"Too Sweet, Too Bad"

Last time on Cutthroat the teams were split into two sets. one set was harnest above a pit of water and the other set controled the high water hose to spray there teammate into the blade which will cut the rope and make them fall into the water. The winners of this challenge was Toxic Fugu. In The Jungle, Macey and Jenny faced off each other in a rope climbing duel. Macey reached to the top first making her the winner of The Jungle and Jenny was sent home. This week challenge the contestants will have to complete a shooting challenge where there are big rings that player must swing back and forth from to try and shoot a ball into a hoop. There are a number of 10 balls in total. If a contestant fall into the water while getting onto the big rings they loose one ball from the team leaving them with fewer balls. Team to shoot the most balls into the hoop wins!



User Role
Alex M./Julie Mocky74
Alex P. Tdfanfrench
Brian/Keith/Malik Liklik2012
Clarissa/Johnney/Jonna/Mandi/Mariah Mariaah67
Colt/Ronnie Tbird1997
Coraline Evan TD
Daniel Daniel7208
Erick/Serena Cavi74
James Chloenew22
Junior/Tiffani Lulucas777
Macey EvaBridgetteGwenRocks
Madison Matheus Lopes Tito
Mallory Magic26
Russel Owen Lover
Veronica Amy Woolstencroft



  • This is the first episode to have a Double Elimination.


Episode 4 ConfessionsEdit