Russel, labeled The Bodyswapper, he was a contestant on Total Drama Cutthroat as a member of the Toxic Fugu.


Toxic Fugu


Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Grey
Episode Eliminated TDC: Sky Hooked


TDC: 21st/20th

Relationship TBA


Enemies TBA
Fear Butterflies
Talent Video Games
User Owen Lover

Total Drama CutthroatEdit

Russel is on Toxic Fugu

Audition TapeEdit




Russel's Interview

Interviewer: Hey, Russel, can you answer a few questions?

Russel: Sure

Interviewer: How do you feel about being accepted to the show?

Russel: Good, it'll make me famous, I'll possibly be elimiated swapping the contestants' and host's bodies, but it'll be worth it!

Interviewer: What are your thoughts about the show?

Russel: EASY! I give it a nickname: The time to...maybe...perfect my bodyswapping skills...and possibly become one of the greatest atagonists ever by fans, the contestants, and the host...It'll be worth it....

Interviewer: How will you use the money if you win?

Russel: Video games

Interviewer: What is your strategy/startigies to win?

(To be continued)

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