Julie, labeled "_____", she was a contestant on Total Drama Cutthroat as a member of the Screeching Raccoons.


Screeching Raccoons


Gender Female
Hair color Brown with light brown highlights
Eye color Green (Even if it isn't i so in the picture
Episode Eliminated TDC: The Storm Before The Storm


TDC: 10th

Relationship TBA


Enemies Alex P. and Jenny
Fear TBA

Art (Drawing,Dancing,Sculpture,

Painting :3

User Mocky

Total Drama CutthroatEdit

Julie is on Screeching Raccoons

Audition TapeEdit




Julie's Interview

Interviewer: How do you feel about being accepted to the show?


Interviewer: What are your thoughts about the show?

It's gonna be great, with many friends!

Interviewer: How will you use the money if you win?

For me, and charity.

Interviewer: What is your strategy/startigies to win?

I don't know yet, maybe being nice.

Interviewer: Who do you want to be friends with?

NOT JENNY. She's so mean. Everybody, especially Alex *sighs*

Interviewer: Are you statisfied about the characters on your team?

Yeah. I think they are helpfull and nice. Except JENNYFER -.-

Interviewer: Do you think you can win?

Of course I think. I like being optimisic, too.

Interviewer: What are your hobbies?

Art. I love art.

Interviewer: Do you have a crush on someone?

I didn't want to tell but *sigh* Alex.

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