Erick, labeled "The Romantic Cruel", he was a contestant on Total Drama Cutthroat as a member of the Screeching Raccoons.


Screeching Raccoons


Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Blue water
Episode Eliminated TDC: At The End Of The World


TDC: 4th

Relationship Alice

Jonna ,Coraline , Tiffani ,Julie , Daniel James Colt

Enemies Everyone (except friends)
Fear Be lying on a bed of nails.
Talent leadership,singing,making enemies,manipulation,flattery, make puppets of himself in 30 seconds, playing guitar, running, strategies, motivation, weight thrower, jump in stick, stunts,drawing, painting
User Cavi74

Total Drama CutthroatEdit

Erick is on Screeching Raccoons

Audition TapeEdit

In his audition tape Erick is in his home talking a little about him but in the time he will count because he wants to get in the program, his mother calls him for dinner. Before going, say: "Just enter me in for you'll discover what I'm capable of.




Erick's Interview

Hello Erick, Here's some questions to answer

How do you feel about Being accepted to the show?

Erick: I loved it because then I can be richer than I already am! What are your Thoughts about the show?

Erick: Thoughts? Well I think the show will be very "cool"! How will you use the money if you win?

Erick: I'll pay the debt to the cafeteria where I worked. What is your strategy / startigies to win?

Erick: Do alliances, flattery and flirtation! Who do you want to be friends with?

Erick: I'll be friends with everyone who makes me win. Are you statisfied about the characters on your team?

Erick: No, because it has the annoying brother of Alice! Do you think Can you win?

Erick: Without a doubt, i'm a great competitor! What are your hobbies?

Erick: annoy my older brother, dating, ruin monuments and other things evil!

Do you have a crush on someone?

Erick: Frankly I'm firmly with Alice, for now, I do not feel attracted to other girl!